This past season Joseph wrestled at Wayne County High School.  He ended up at 3rd place the video below is the video of his last match.  I feel he was at a disadvantage because of the announcer.  They started handing out awards before the end of the matches.  I don’t think he could hear the coaching from Jacob.  He is doing very good.  he has 2 2nd place and 2 3rd place medals.  He didn’t go to the finals.

Joseph has been playing baseball with a youth league in Annabella. The league is almost over, but here is one of his games.  He is doing petty good at baseball.

Joseph also attended the bicycle rodeo in town at the ERA office.  He was getting tips on safe ridding, and working on this bicycle belt loop for Cub Scouts.  Jamie wasn’t doing so well following the road signs.

 Joseph has he egg business.  He sells eggs from our chickens.