The days are warm, there is water in the canal, the field is plowed, birds are out, Raccoons and chasing the chickens, The rooster is mean, and skunks are wondering, I love spring.

Yesterday Joseph and Jamie went ATV riding.  They had lots of fun.  We hope to go again soon.

it is 9:30 Saturday morning and Joseph is at practice.

we had our den meeting tonight.  The boys received lots of awards.  Joseph, being the clumsy kid he is, was running and fell down.  He was told not to run.  The adults had a Commitee meeting.  Then the boys played kick ball.  The night was fun.

Today Jacob will be receiving a college scholarship we do know which college yet.  More info to come.

Taking Jacob and Michael to scout camp.  Jacob is driving.  Not to bad.

Jacob has been working at Tifie Scout Camp most of the summer, but now he is done.  He really enjoyed working there.  It was a really cool summer job.  He will be going to Timberline next week.

The Joseph Ward pack meeting was tonight.  We are going to roast hotdogs.  Joseph got several segment. 


We had a commitee meeting also.  Scouting is fun.

just added the ladder.  Got it from eBay, it is a piece of crap.   


We are building a trampoline.  Just got the sides and ladder to install.