September 30, 2014

We moved into our own home.  we have 26 acres, of which 18 acres are farmable. The other 8 acres is dirt and rocks.  4 of the 8 acres was used as a concrete dumping by some one.  We live in a 2 story homeWe are working on the top floor painting, carpeting and cleaning.

August 2013

We move into a home in Elsinore, UT. It’s a nice home, but a bit small for us. There isn’t much land either. We have repaired a few things on the home. The winter caused us the most issue. Not living in an area that freezes in the winter, we didn’t know to drain the sprinkler system. I spent many hours fixing the system, but all is good now. Elsinore is a nice community, and the neighbors are great.

 August 13, 2014

We went camping this week, went to Marysville. For the ATV Jamboree. We originally went for the Civil Air Patrol fund raiser. We supplied breakfast for the participants. We stayed until Sunday. The spot we were in was nice. Originally we were going to double park in a 50’ spot, but when we arrived we were given our own spot. The have about 15 of the 50’ spots. We rented an ATV for 24 hours. The ATV we rented was a Polaris RZR 650. Everyone seemed to have fun.

February 2, 2013

We then moved into a home in Junction, UT. It was great to live in a house again. It wasn’t the greatest house, but it was a house. Parts of the house was not heated, and the basement was a death trap. We moved out of there in August 2013.

 September 30, 2012

We then moved to Junction UT. We lived in the Junction RV Trailer Park until February. We spent the coldest part of the winter in our trailer. With 3 children, it was tough for the children living in such a small trailer. The trailer is nice, but small.

June 18, 2012

We moved to Utah June of 2012. We decided to live in our 25′ travel trailer. We lived at Otter Creek State Park Antimony UT until October 2012.